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Google Public DNS Hijacked, MEW Users Lose Funds

On April 24, 2018 the popular Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet suffered a phishing attack on its Google Public DNS.  Some 515 ETH ($360,500) has been stolen as a result of the hack.

One Reddit user on r/myetherwallet, u/rotistain, alerted other community members of the hack this morning.  Upon waking up, rotistain accessed only to notice that the link had an invalid connection certificate, labeling the site as not secure.  Proceeding anyway, rotistain used a private key to log in and was greeted with “a countdown for about 10 seconds and A tx [that sent] the available money [he] had on the wallet to another wallet.”

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Security is the top concern of every IT professional. Damaged data and information systems can mean lost customers, money, and intellectual property, cessation of business operations, and even lawsuits by affected customers and vendors. Many threats to security and security vulnerabilities can be protected with a reasonable amount of research and common business sense.

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Phishing emails
Phishing emails collects personal data
Cyber crime on the rise in Kenya
Google Duo: Takes the complexity out of video calling

Hope not too late to write about this app from Kenya perspective when Google has announced that it is replacing hangouts with Google Duo in the set of core applications included within Android-powered smartphones. Google I/O 2016 was the Launchpad of Google’s new app, Duo, a simple video-calling service that’s available for iOS and android. It is one of the four apps google announced during the conference.

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